Thank you to everyone who came to Episode 3!
Watch this space for details on Episode 4!

About Pixelnebriation

Pixelnebriation is a meet-up event for people starting out, or wanting to get into the gaming industry, as well as people who are already well established. People who are also just interested in gaming are also welcome! It provides a 'safe space' for people who may not be comfortable with socialising or networking, to talk with other similar folk. Leading to possible collaborations, or new friendships. It also provides the chance to talk to experienced people in the industry.

The locations of each Pixelnebriation event vary around London, but are always in casual and fun places such as Loading Bar in Dalston. The latest event took place at The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) building in Hatton Wall.

About Sharkbit

Pixelnebriation is run by Sharkbit.

Sharkbit is a Marketing and PR consultancy, combining years of experience and utilizing industry knowledge, to help creators of games, films, esport media and events fulfill their goals and make their mark!

Pixelnebriation Episode 3:

Thanks to our wonderful speakers for really insightful and honest presentations on their experiences in the gaming industry so far and thanks to all who came to the event. See you at Episode 4!

Jupiter Hadley (BigBossBattle)
"Life of Jupiter - From Lets Plays to Journalism"
Jodie Azhar (Technical Artist) "All Size Matters: Studio Culture"
Adam Campbell (Azoomee) "Married to the industry"
Tamsin O'Luanaigh (nDreams) "Building dreams: lessons from the frontline"
Izzy Jagan
(Indigo Pearl)
"Fake Gamer Girl"


Brief keynote presentations by our brilliant panel selection!

Opening to a more casual round 'floor' where attendees can contribute their own journey and opinions and chat about how to actively make changes for the better and advice on how to advance their goals.

This is all while in keeping with the original principle of Pixelnebration: which is helping folks who find it difficult to socialise and promote their creations and to do so in a comfortable, open environment.


  • 2pm - Introduction and 7 Knights of Speak present
  • 3.30pm - Break
  • 4pm - Round Floor Commences

This a free event to people who work in gaming. There will be cake and themed cocktails provided and non-alcoholic version as well. The host will be making sure you get introduced and help you with anything you need throughout the day, apart from murder.

Past Events

Pixel image of a brain having a drink

Episode 2: Brainspeed

Location: Loading Bar Scenario, N16 8BX

Date: 15th June 2018

This time a great summoning of humans from all walks of the gaming industry will gather for BrainSpeed, which isn't as illegal as it sounds!


6pm Introduction and you'll be assigned your Pok├ęsona for...reasons!
7pm - Speed-netdating, like speedating, minus the saucy factor.
8pm - We commence our special gaming themed quiz!
9pm - Go wild!

Pixel image of a brain having a drink

Episode 1

Location: Nordic Bar, W1T 1PN

Date: 16th February 2018

In the gaming industry, you can meet a lot of lovely gaming humans, but we only seem to meet at events and conventions. I thought it would be nice to see if we can get a more social get together sorted, that allows you to network and get support/motivation from your peers or use your own powers to boost people. Also, more importantly the aim of this is for everyone to have the craic (not that type...or the other one you might be thinking).